Sunday, November 13, 2011

Beta Test Information

Last Updated at 3:20am on the 19th of April 2014
If you'd like to see the update notes for each version, you can find them at this link.

Home Build Version: Beta 0.11.822
Version with Test Team: Beta 0.11.822
Version in Closed Beta: Beta 0.11.741

This is a list of all upcoming features planned for the game and expansion, known issues with the game, and issues that will be available in the next update.

UPCOMING FEATURES (Features that have not yet been implemented, but are coming soon!)
- Add blood temples
- Add tombs
- Add more monster types (including magical monsters) - EXPANSION
- Add death report for permadeath games
- Add witch hut functionality
- Add forge function for blacksmith 
- Add "war painted" boss monsters to lower levels
- Add dwelling internals rather than switching straight to shop interface - EXPANSION
- Add fishing!  - EXPANSION
- Add black market trade - EXPANSION
- Next bit of super secret online functionality 
- Add Banks

- Broken crates should be able to be removed 
- NPCs should be able to tell you the local difficulty 
- Destructibles can rarely be terrain-locked in dungeons 
- Change inventory backgrounds for different environments
- Some portals show wrong name (but work properly) 

- Citizens should be able to tell you which nearby towns have certain facilities
- Town wall segments STILL missing sometimes..... Grr.... 
- Rare floating terrain glitch is still there...
- Towns still not having doors rarely? Or two doors?
- Curiosity gem still lighting up with non-existent items. Perhaps do full sweep of ENV after clear and generate? 
- Monsters should follow pathfinding in countryside for better chase/combat 
- Allow the player to sell equipped armour
- Countryside loot containers re-setting type and contents in strange manner 
- Update recipe book to show that the ingredient order is important
- Some chests can be empty? 
- Incredibly rare chance of temples and graveyards blocking in the entrance! 
- Magic system unbalanced at higher levels
- Some stores (i.e. magic shop) destroy items purchased if player's inventory is full 
- Min weapon damage can sometimes be higher than Max 
- Monsters rendering incorrectly in dungeons sometimes in shaderless mode (too dark, too light)
- Shadows too intense in mines sometimes in shaderless mode 
- Add individual armour value markers to inventory mannequin 
- When going back to town using a portal with a torch lit, going back to the dungeon will change your torch sound to the breathing sound of a monster, or some other random sound

- Shops still appearing in places that they shouldn't
- Incorrect heavy breathing sound playing in countryside sometimes when near-death (check sound number?)
- Countryside monsters sometimes unable to hit player? Seems to only be when near a town...
- Can shoot through solid objects in dungeons with bow.
- Bow's magical effects are triggered when hitting pillars in dungeons?
- Occasional crash when firing bow at wall in dungeons? Check edge-of-map boundaries, perhaps?
- Countryside monsters can spawn inside solid objects 
- Magical illumination not crossing between floors 
- Monsters still occasionally having no loot on them!

SIMPLE FIXES (for when Alex feels like developing, but can't be bothered with anything complicated)
- Make equipped gear show up in the first few slots of inventory when sorting
- Ability to sort inventory while selling at a shop
- Character sheet should list current effects/detriments
- Add subtle highlighting to maps to show where you've been 
- Link mana auto-replenish to WIS stat 
- Weather from outside a town needs to translate to inside a town 
- Some nearby NPCs have the same name (when creating NPCs, check for duplicates)
- NPCs should "go to bed" at night (except guards)
- Restrict shops to one of each type per town
- Change colour of mana bar if you don't have enough mana to cast your currently equipped spell 
- Make monsters spawn from different directions during sleep, rather than the same one 
- Add hotkeys to change map levels (in countryside)
- Rejuvenation potions not able to be crafted. 
- Green gem remains lit after spending the night in guard towers
- Show reminder of permadeath mode in-game 
- Change "Rest for 8 hours" to "Rest until healed"  
- Add various "sort by" buttons to inventory instead of one major sort button. Sort by armour, sort by weapon, etc, etc.   
- Add critical hit system to countryside monsters 
- Screenshot button should work in all dialogs 
- When buying potions and torches, show how many you currently have in the shift-hover menu 
- Make all times display in 24hr time

BACKBURNER ITEMS (Things people have requested that I'm thinking about)
- Add rollover descriptions of menu buttons
- Add option to change mini-map opacity 
- Add countryside gryphons in the distant sky
- Put in option to remove giant spiders from the game [EXPANSION]
- Make audio levels adjustable, including full mute mode
- Move options to in-game menu screen
- When picking up weapons or armour, comparative stats and enchantments should be visible 
- Add the ability to split stacks of items into smaller stacks 
- Functionality in Witches Huts to "alter your fate" and customize your stats for a price
- Add ability to hover over towns on the map and see what facilities are in it 
- Add hardcore mode where difficulty is higher and player has to eat
- NPCs will offer food to the chosen one in hardcore mode
- Add classic movement mode with no movement animation
- New bow enchantment "followthrough" wherein the arrow doesn't stop after hitting an enemy
- Add journal system with auto date filling and character name 
- Add "fierce battle" container generation system for particularly nasty fights for greater sense of reward 
- "Dungeon leaderboard" for dungeons that have claimed the most lives 
- A mail system of some sort between players?

- No issues fixed since last test release


- Help screen has small graphics anomalies across it. 
- General store doesn't show multiples of items
- New music tracks from Nicolas! 
- Change Blatherbeard's Brew graphic to look like the real thing 
- Balance adjustments 
- Add message of the day system to the main menu
- Add bank sorting
- Make quest kiosk appear in town, but have "coming soon" message
- Fix bank issues
- Change "shaderless mode" label to "low detail mode"
- All ruined temples now have undercrofts
- Implemented new quest menu
- Implemented quest completion screen in towns
- Implemented pilgrimage quest type
- Set groundwork for next bit of super secret online functionality
- Complete addition of CLEANSE quests
- Start add "better / worse" icons on loot and buy screens for weapons and armour
- When you find gear that is higher than your current level, it should always have better stats than the gear you currently have
- Objects to the left and right can be interacted with. Should only be able to touch in front 
- Higher level gear sold in shops should now conform to new higher level gear stats 
- Very rare invisible wall in dungeons which affects player, monsters and spells
- Quest Kiosk minimap icon in towns is mis-rendered on minimap in shaderless mode
- Quest list is wiped when successfully turning in completed quest 
- Multiple quests in available quests list which refer to the same location
- Disable ESC key when speaking to Al-aeks to force player to speak with him
- Quest kiosk not being textured correctly in shaderless mode 
- Quest reward system
- Add COLLECT quest type
- Add HUNT quest type
- Errors with quest reward items leading to incorrect data and potential crashes 
- Asking people where a facility is doesn't render properly if you're standing right next to the thing you're asking about.
- Items requested in collect quests often repeated
- Add spell functionality to countryside
- Mana bar rendering incorrectly in some resolutions/aspects 
- Mana and health bar backgrounds not hiding correctly sometimes 
- Message and Yes/No menus need to preserve backgrounds when they show up 
- Revealed farm locations should only show up within a fixed distance from the farm, and not everything all at once. 
- Portal map icon isn't always the correct opacity 
- Lighting a torch in the countryside with shaderless mode enabled causes a crash!
- The game should generate more of an item if you have a quest to collect that item
- SHIFT stops letters from being entered when creating character name 
- Cartographer should offer bulk discount for "reveal all" 
- Cartographer will reveal incorrect location types sometimes  
- Can sometimes not click on fountains in dungeons
- Add "sleep interrupted" message when ambushed during the night
- Label armour and weapon racks in dungeons
- Enable "cast spell" UI button in countryside
- Getting quests to go somewhere don't let you know where it is. You have to ask people. 
- Clear new quest cache files when creating new game
- Only generate cleanse quests for dungeons
- Data glitch occasionally when asking for directions
- Low-level players should only ever be given easy quests
- Completing quests gives XP
- Strange inconsistencies when saving/loading quest kiosk data 
- Correctly map dialog return keys to custom key values
- Loading screens should snap into place immediately when moving between environments 
- Widescreen border doesn't hide correctly sometimes
- Show details of weapons and armour on loot screens
- Show "level too high" red hilight on unusable weapons and armour in loot screens
- Show magical swirl on magical weapons and armour in loot screens
- Add "compare" graphics for weapons and armour on loot screens
- Add "compare" icons for weapons and armour on inventory screen
- Better/Worse icons not showing correctly for weapons in loot screens
- Initial Quest to Find Eddya Anic's Holdfast shouldn't come up as giving no reward
- Need a way of being able to tell which quests have known locations
- Player should start with more than just one torch
- Short descriptions of starting options 
- COLLECT quest items not always displaying correctly!
- Should be warned if trying to sell a quest item 
- UI showing incorrectly with popup messages 
- Item names being listed twice in general stores 
- Reinstate quest file version control
- Identical quests can spawn together in the same kiosk 
- Alter intro cinematic to not need a movie file (too many compatibility issues) 


- Click to return to a previously explored cleared area
(Not in keeping with gameplay format)
- Must click directly on bars to raise portcullises
(Intentional design. More interactivity)
- Drinking a potion or using a scroll does not take a turn
(Intentional design)
- Additional enemies do not move when you are fighting one
(Enemies will only move when they can find a clear path to the player)
- Game window is far too small
(Intentional design for classic players. Slimline UI option for modern players is in development)
- Trapdoor up is not noticeable enough
(Intentional design. Plus, it can be seen on your map/minimap)
- Switching between male and female portraits keeps the portrait number
(Intentional design)
- Add 'loot has dropped' sound or other indication
(Visual representation of dropped loot currently present)
- Loot containers sometimes have no loot
(Intentional design to keep people guessing)
- You can step on chests
(Intentional design to prevent player being blocked in)
- Graphical representation of enemy block
(Enemy animation plays on block, and there is a sound)
- Traps don't trap monsters
(The monsters live there. They know where the traps are.)
- Add option to select to run in 16 bit or 32 bit mode
(Needs to always run in 16 bit mode)
- Make the player's health drop at the same time as the enemy's animation hits the player
(Requires too large a coding change to implement. Unfortunately not worth it)
- Make retreating more difficult
(The game is deliberately very difficult. As such, we've made retreating always an option, unless the monsters box you in, which they will try to do)
- Map edges don't match
(It's just the way the world generates. To create an infinite world it needs to be divided into chunks)
- World map doesn't center on player
(To do with world generating in chunks. Will be adding a more visible indication of player position)
- Clergyman Al-aeks disappears after you walk away
(Intentional. He's a mysterious fellow)
- Can't use capital letters when typing name
(Intentional. The game sorts that out automatically)
- You can still select dice in goblin dice when you have no money to bet
(That's fine, since you can't roll)
- No traps on dungeon floor
(Sometimes that happens! Not a bug, just a bizarre coincidence from dealing with random generation)
- Make super secret feature affect your map
(I think it's more fun to have to use your exploratory skills!)
- Can walk through some countryside items
(Intentional. If you could easily step over/around it, you can just walk through it)
- Items of interest are hard to spot on the map.
(Intentional. It should be a challenge!)
- Mana seems to regenerate over time
(Intentional design. It gives people hope :P)
- Can't find items of interest
(They're there! I checked! Remember that they've been designed to be difficult to spot!)
- Shop doors accessible from any side of the building block clicked
(Intentional as it speeds up shop visiting for towns you're familiar with)
- Ruins and farms can spawn in the same chunk
(Just makes it more exciting :-P)
- Recall Medallions and antidote potions should stack
(Way too easy to bail out of danger when you have a lot of them. I want people to be scared ;) )
- Permadeath Leaderboard can be clicked on from any distance
(Doesn't really matter that it can)
- 8 hours sleep option not always replenishing health properly
(It's getting replaced with "rest until healed" soon, anyway)
- 'Trapped' monsters can ambush you while sleeping
(Let's just say it takes them a good couple of hours to figure out a door :-P)